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Charleston Sailing Charters on a 43′ Catamaran Sailboat!

Come on board for a first class Charleston Harbor Tour where we will sail upon the historic and beautiful waters of the Charleston harbor. Weather permitting we will whisk you past the Charleston Battery, Fort Sumter, Fort Johnson on James Island, Sullivan’s island and Fort Moultrie. We may even be able to sail all the way to the Atlantic Ocean and back in your 2 hour sail.

Sailing Charters Charleston, SC

A One of a Kind Charleston, SC Sailing Cruise

There is not another Charleston sailing charter that matches the size, beauty, comfort and speed that OM has to offer. OM is a fast and beautiful 2005 Leopard 43′ Catamaran Sailboat. She is the fastest Charter Yacht on the Harbor and a pure delight to sail on. Sit back, lounge around and enjoy the fast and flat sailing that only a Catamaran can offer.

Sailing Charters Charleston, SC




Professionally Captained by Banff Luther whom has had over 28 years of Boating & Sailing experience.  Sit back and enjoy the sail or let him instruct you on how to handle the sailboat.  His extensive offshore/cruising experience and relaxed manner of handling the vessel will allow you to feel right at hOMe.



A catamaran sailboat is a flat, stable platform in all conditions. These unique characteristics make it the perfect charter vessel for inexperienced sailors. You can count on OM Sailing Charters for family fun, yacht parties, after work sunset cruises, unforgettable marriage proposals, bachelor & bachelorette parties or even a unique way for corporations to reward employees/team build.



OM will be your own private Charleston yacht for up to six passengers. Bring a cooler, a bottle of wine, hors d’oeuvres or a picnic dinner.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of sailing the Charleston Harbor, or raise the sails and take the wheel! We want you to enjoy your time on board and feel right at home.

Day Sail - Charleston Harbor

Two Hours on the Harbor
  • 2 full hours sailing ON the water
  • Each Additional Hour $150
  • As Hands on, or as Laid Back as you like
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Sunset Sail & Harbor Cruise

So Romantic!
  • 2 full hours ON the water
  • Each Additional Hour $150
  • As Hands on, or Laid Back as you like
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Day Sail

All Day Charleston Adventure
  • 6 Hours on the water
  • As Hands On, or Laid back as you like
  • Can include Morris Island beach combing, and offshore sailing
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“This was a once in a lifetime experience!! If your visiting or live in Charleston seeing our brilliant city by water on Om sailing charters is the only way to go.”

Lane Gregory

“Absolutely perfect way to propose to my [now] fiancé! Gorgeous boat that feels like you are slowly floating over the water. Knowledgable, friendly, and incredibly helpful Captain. Banff worked with me to create a magical moment and even captured it all on camera. We will definitely be coming back year after year.”

Benjamin L

“A couple of my friends wanted to change up our normal weekend routine, so we all brought a date and a bottle of wine and had Caviar and Banana’s cater our sunset sail. It was definitely the most relaxing evening we have had in a lifetime. We made it out past the jetties in less than an hour and had plenty of time to even cruise back underneath the Cooper River Bridge. We have decided to turn this into quarterly tradition for half the cost of any dining out experience.”


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Words On the Water

The Travels of OM

Charleston Sunset Charters & Cruises

By far the most popular Charleston Sailing Charter is the Sunset Charter Cruise.  As if Charleston did not have enough to offer, the sunsets from the water are breathtaking.  This town is filled with such beauty the only way to take it all in is from the deck of a sailboat.  And if you are lucky enough to take a Charleston Sunset Charter,  you will remember it for the rest of your life. Boarding OM at Patriots Point allows us to be sailing within 10 minutes of leaving the dock.  There is no need to motor far, we raise the sails and let the winds be our guide. The boat layout is incredible comfortable for the sun bather and those that want the shade.  The aft cockpit is completely covered with comfortable seating and a table that will seat 6 comfortable for a picnic dinner.  Of course the best seats are on the bow sitting back in the comfortable chairs on the trampoline.  You feel as if you are drifting over the water, with the sounds of water and the occasional splash from a wave.  This is where the stability of a catamaran comes to play.  Sitting back there is no Heeling over, and your wine glass will stay perfectly still when you sat it down on the table. With our typical afternoon Sea Breeze we quickly cover the miles towards the entrance of the Harbor.  Here we sail by Fort Sumter, Fort Moultre and of course Sullivan’s Island.  Once we hit our half way point we start our sail back to the Charleston Battery.  This angle of sail... read more

And Time Rolls On

The islands have a way of just taking away your concept of time, until that time runs out.  Then its back to the rat race of America.  Like all things it happens in the now, like right now.  The last month of my island adventure was full of that, adventure and sailing.  Last we spoke I was sitting in the Acklins and waiting around in the calms for a wind to bring me back north a bit to Long Island.  Being a little impatient I decided one day to go out with the first winds we had and see what kind of a wind angle I could make.  After tacking 24 miles and making 2 towards my goal I was about to give up when I heard a BANG.  That is not the sort of sound one really wants to hear. The compression post holding the hard top let loose at the weld.  Its one of those things on this boat, that until it broke I never really paid attention to.  It keeps the hard top from flexing as the traveler for the main is mounted on top. So there ends my career of being able to sail everywhere.  A few days after the winds go in a better direction I motored the 87 miles up to Thompson Bay Long Island.  Thanks to having a local cell phone I was able to source out a TIG welder (one of two on the entire island) and had it fixed within 2 days of being back. A few days later my friend Lale shows up for her birthday week and we... read more

Southern Out-Islands

The Southern Out-Islands Mayaguana was where we left off in our last conversation. The island is some 26 miles long and 9 miles high and has a population of 250. The population is basically in three small settlements.  Your not going to get away with doing much wrong and not being found out here. Or for that matter any out islands. Its a community, tightly knit, and forged through hardships and coming together. When a hurricane rips through these parts, FEMA is not there to pick up the loose ends. They all must come together or die trying. The devastation of past hurricanes and storms are prevalent on these islands. Lots of houses never really take down the window barriers or if they do, they are rigged as working shutters. Easily closed at the last minute to block out those devastating winds. There are ruins on every island telling of a richer past and of a hard future. Its hard to tell what these people do for money. On Mayaguana most everyone had a car and of course a cell phone, but what work can be had? Most it seemed worked on Government projects or directly for Nassau.       The roads are all dirt and coral based and its all in shambles as they are attempting to improve their quality of life with “government” water lines and paved roads. Nassau is spending tons of money on the infrastructure on these out-islands giving them all Reverse Osmosis water, paved roads and an airport on or accessible to all. Of course these projects are on island time and it... read more

No Mans Land–Samana Cay

  The Samana Cays lies in the far southern Bahamas and is a little known or visited place. In all of the cruising guides, charts and folk lore, its a place that only serious cruisers go that are completely self sufficient. The “Cut” or entrance to the anchorage is very tricky and hard to navigate, and should only be approached with perfect conditions. Perfect conditions meaning, clear sun high in the sky and calm seas. In the middle of winter those are not always the easiest to come by. With all its warnings, and signs of danger, it has been my coveted goal of this cruising season. Its literally 60 miles from anywhere from which help may come and sticks out in the ocean like a misplaced and forgotten land. It is a land though surrounded by reef, and full of mystery. A place to go and become solitary. Part of the issue of getting to Samana, are how the winds blow in the winter. Sailors call them “trade winds” and they constantly blow out of the east. Since a sailboat can not really sail any closer than 45-55 degree from the eye of the wind, obviously you are very limited in what direction to leave from. Abaco is really the only place of which you can use those “Trade Winds” to “sail” all the way there. Looking for that perfect weather window took patience and more patience. The perfect “weather window” or scenario would be a wind that is 15-20 starting in the NW and clocking or shifting to the NE. And all of this has to take... read more

Deep Diving IN Shallow Water

Its been an incredible year to explore Abaco and have still not headed further south. Its been a sheer joy to get out on the reefs which are usually under lots of heavy wind and waves. This year on the way down to Little Harbour and the world famous Petes Pub, we stopped in and checked out Snake Cay. Snake Cay is on the “mainland” of Abaco or the big island as its called. The cay itself is no different from other cays, just a body of land devoid of fresh water. What sets is apart is the area of water behind it. There is a small “Cut” which tidal waters flow from the backwaters of Abaco. Through this deep cut is an area about 1 mile wide and several miles long of shallow waters, mangroves and small rocks. It serves as habitat for small fish, lobster and turtles. The area is predominantly 2-4 feet in depth, which makes much of it dry with the 3 foot tide in the area. We were exploring in the dinghy zipping around checking it all out at high tide and we ran across something out of the ordinary. It first appeared as a very dark spot in the water. Though as I approached it became clear what we had discovered. A Blue Hole! Without getting into a geography lesson, simply put Blue Holes were created eons ago and most of them connect with the Ocean. The vast majority of these are extremely deep, Deans Blue Hole in Long island is reported to be 600+ feet. They were formed back in the last... read more

Almond Butter in Paradise

Everyone that knows me, knows that there is a strong possibility that I am addicted to Almond Butter. Certainly there are worse things to be addicted to. In the island though this makes for a predicament. Of course you could buy the store bought variety of Almond Butter. It would do the job, but you dont fully understand how much of a snob of almond butter I really am. ha ha. After I found out about my addiction many years ago, the first thing that was attempted was using a Food Processor. By adding a bit of almond oil you could come up with a paste that looked very much like Almond Butter. The taste though was still off from the fresh ground which I was fully addicted to. Years later after many searches on the internet, promises of real Ground almond butter searched out, the Gods shined down on me and gifted me with the right website!! It was like a light came down from heaven and said, “Hit the BUY button NOW” With much anticipation the new blessing to my life arrived. It is an old school style “hand crank” grinder designed for the homesteader to make fresh flour, grits or the such. And in the package was the all too important metal grinding attachment. It was promised to make “fresh ground” almond butter. Now for the majority of you that do not have this addiction, maybe you can understand the difference if we speak of Coffee. There are two types of Coffee Grinders. The “Blade Grinder” and the “Burr Grinder”. The first being the “Blade” grinder... read more

A Day on the Reef-Abaco Reef Video

Happy Winter Solstice! Fairly certain that everyone is happy that today was the shortest day of sunlight. We can now start our swing towards more sunlight and the promise of spring. Glorious time of year. Put together a really fun Video of what a typical day on the reef is like. The weather has been super settled giving us flat calm conditions on the Abaco Reefs. Lobster and fish everywhere, its been a good time. Enjoy the Video and Happy New Year.... read more

Friends In Low Latitudes

In a yoga class years ago, one of my great teachers told us the art of being happy. He said all you need are three things. Its simplicity though made me question it for years… 1-One needs something to do. 2-something to look forward to 3-and someone to to it with. At the moment he was using this as a way to show that the practice of yoga gave you these things. It was simple and to the point. Ive learned cruising gives you the same opportunities. Fast forward many many years…. Here I sit in the Cay’s of the Bahamas and that class has risen from the depths of my thought like the rising sun on a clear morning. This trip was planned with every attention to the details on where my friends were going to be. I knew the importance of that from the start, it just did not occur to me where I had heard it before. In the beginning when I was in transition that class came to me. I have been rolling those three things through my head over and over. Starting off as a shadow of grayness, and the shining bright until I could not hold onto the thought anymore. The brightness of those three simple things has brought clarity to why I keep coming back to the same islands year after year. Sure its an adventure, and I love to use “Om” for the purpose she was built and outfitted for. The reef system here is truly world class and its an honor to see what I have seen. The friends that... read more

The Concrete Jungle of Marsh Harbour

Marsh Harbour is a sleepy town as far as Americans are concerned.  For the out islands of Abaco, its their Big City and Concrete Jungle.  Really I could go into great detail on the life there.  Then again why take the time when I can just show you. This is the place you must go if you need just about anything. and their 2 day shipping does not work here.  Beyond the very basic necessities that the out islands have, Marsh Harbour is the place you hope has what you need.  Standard Hardware is the Lowes/Home Depot of the area and carries all the lumber and tooling you would need.  If it is not here, your ordering if from the states.  And god knows how long that will take.  Just attempting to find a Metric “Nut” is impossible anywhere in the islands, but can be found here.  Its an essential part of the Abaco part of life, though its not one most people tend to spend a lot of time at.  The grocery store gets resupplied once a week on Thursday.  If you want your fresh veggies, Friday is the day to show up. For me its a place to swing in, grab what you need and sail out the same day or the next. Enjoy the video... read more

Hope Town Box Car Derby

Videos are much more fun to watch than to read the written word. Attached you will find a short musical video of last Saturday. Every year Elbow Cay has a box car derby and these people really get into it. It was a lot of fun to make and even more fun watching the race and the locals getting drunk on Swizzle. That would be Gin, coconut water and condensed sweetened milk. Sounds like a hangover to me, but these people are English Descendants ha ha. Enjoy... read more