Having a birthday celebration, a bachelorette party, or any special occasion aboard a Charleston party boat rental sounds like an absolute blast, doesn’t it? Picture yourself cruising along the scenic coastline, music playing, drinks flowing, and laughter echoing across the waves. That’s the formula for an ideal, fun-filled day.

But hold that thought first! Besides making a to-do list on how to make the event enjoyable, there are specific guidelines that you must keep in mind to safeguard everyone involved – guests, crew, and even the marine environment. Let’s explore what to avoid to ensure your party boat rental adventure remains safe, hassle-free, and unforgettable.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Party Boat Rental

Are you planning to celebrate your special occasion in a Charleston party boat rental? There are common mistakes people make that can turn a comfortable cruise into a gloomy trip. To ensure a smooth sailing experience, avoid the following:

Overcrowding the Boat 

It might be tempting to invite everyone you know, but cramming too many people onto a boat can quickly turn your celebration into a safety hazard. Assess the capacity of the vessel and make sure that the number of guests does not exceed its limits. Create a guest list in advance and communicate clearly with invitees to prevent unexpected additions. If you don’t want anyone important to miss your party, opt for a larger boat. Our sailing catamaran, OM, for example, can accommodate up to 12 passengers, ensuring ample space for everyone to move around comfortably.

Ignoring the Weather Forecast 

Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate with our plans. Always check the weather forecast beforehand and keep an eye out for any potential storms or high winds that can dampen your day at sea. If the forecast doesn’t look promising, consider rescheduling and choose a more suitable date. 

Neglecting to Consider Route Options

Before setting sail, communicate with your boat captain and explore all available route options. Discuss the planned route and inquire about alternate routes based on weather conditions or specific experiences you’re aiming for. Experienced captains can offer valuable insights and suggestions to make your Charleston party boat rental experience memorable and enjoyable for you and your guests.

Forgetting to Check Amenities and Facilities 

Don’t get caught short-handed out on the water. Before booking your boat rental, double-check that it comes equipped with all the amenities you need, whether it’s a working restroom, kitchen facilities, or safety equipment like life jackets. It’s also wise to inquire about additional services like well-lit and ventilated saloons and luxurious staterooms that most catamaran charters offer for ultimate comfort.

Infographic image of common mistakes to avoid when planning your party boat rental

Safety Missteps That Can Ruin Your Party Boat Experience

An uninterrupted party boat rental experience promises excitement and memories to cherish. But nothing can screw it up faster than making a few safety missteps. Here’s what to watch out for:

Underestimating the Importance of Safety Briefings

The announcements of safety instructions may sound repetitive, but be sure to stay attentive, as it can save lives and ensure the success of your party. These instructions cover everything from where the life jackets are stored to what to do in case of an emergency. So, take the time to educate yourself and your guests on these safety procedures. A few minutes spent on safety now can prevent a whole lot of trouble later.

Ignoring Signs of Seasickness

Seasickness can quickly turn your Charleston party boat rental adventure into a miserable experience and potentially cause safety concerns if you become incapacitated. If you start feeling queasy, dizzy, or nauseous, don’t brush it off. Drink water, keep your gaze on the horizon, and use over-the-counter medications, such as Scopolamine and Dimenhydrinate. Recognizing the signs early and taking preventive measures can help alleviate discomfort and keep the party going.

Overindulgence in Alcohol 

While a few beers or cocktails might seem like the perfect complement to a day out on the water, excessive drinking poses serious dangers. Too much alcohol heightens accident risks and injuries and worsens conditions like seasickness. So, it’s essential to set limits, stay hydrated, and eat to counter alcohol’s effects. Also, it’s advisable to designate a sober buddy for added safety. 

Etiquette and Behavior Pitfalls on Party Boats

Our own actions are the main factor that can stir up the atmosphere of a party. If you’re aiming for a lively mood throughout your gathering, learn to prevent these not-so-pleasant manners from ruining your boat experience:   

Disrespecting Crew and Other Guests

Show decorum and consideration for those around you to create a peaceful and comfortable setting for all. It will make everyone feel valued and accepted, encouraging them to relax and fully engage without feeling awkward. 

Causing Damage to the Boat

Reckless behavior should not be tolerated. Monitor and advise your guests against damaging the boat, as it can spoil the fun and result in safety risks, financial burdens, and legal consequences. Stay out of anything that could harm the vessel hosting your party, and just keep the excitement rolling.

Littering and Environmental Harm

Irresponsibility around the marine environment can disrupt the delicate ecosystem. To party sustainably on a boat, incorporate eco-friendly practices like opting for biodegradable or reusable cups and utensils and disposing of trash in designated bins. 

Enjoy the Best Charleston Party Boat Rental Experience With OM

All set to turn your dream celebration on the water into a reality? Complete it with OM Sailing Charters. Cruise the scenic waters in style aboard our luxurious catamaran, equipped with top-notch amenities to elevate your celebration to new heights. 

Rest assured, our experienced licensed captains ensure your safety and that of your guests. So, all that’s left for you to do is fill the boat with laughter and excitement. Book your Charleston party boat rental with us today here or reach out to us at 843-973-0761 for further inquiries.