Your charter on Om Sailing Charters is bound to be the highlight of your trip, and we wanted to give you an idea of what an average charter looks like. There are also a few things you may want to bring to enhance your experience. As with all adventures on the water, sunscreen is highly recommended, but please, no spray on sunscreen… That stuff is known to eat plastic. A light jacket or cover up is always nice, as well as a towel in case you get the urge to jump in for a dip.

charleston sailing charterYou are encouraged to bring along your favorite beverages, snacks or even pack a picnic. It’s amazing how hungry you get by being on the water. There are Champagne Flutes, Wine Glasses, Plates and Utensils for your use. The fridge provides space for wine and beer.

On board we offer the highest quality filtered water, served chilled or at room temp. To cut back on plastic waste we do not promote the use of bottled water or soft drinks. Om’s cockpit is a great place to set up your picnic as it quite large and has a table that will comfortably seat 6. The forward portion of the boat has netting and seat cushions so you can relax back and enjoy the feel of the water rushing along the hulls.

Welcome aboard and Charter Safety Briefing

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by Captain Banff and welcomed aboard Om, “your” Yacht for the next few hours. You will stow your gear and food, then everyone will gather in the cockpit for a brief on-board safety meeting. Captain Banff will then prepare the boat for departure. At times, depending on winds and current, it can be extremely helpful for a charter guest to help out with a dock-line. Rest assured this will never be overly technical, and the Captain will explain everything in detail.

Raising The Sails:

Once off the dock and clear of the breakwater we will head up into the wind and prepare to raise the sails. You can always volunteer to haul up the sails. Or just sit back and relax as the Captain skillfully handles the boat and hoists the sails for your sailing adventure. Once the mainsail is set, we’ll fall off the eye of the wind, unfurl the jib, and you will instantly feel the wind cradle us as we begin to accelerate and move by wind power alone. The engines are then shut down and the only sound you will hear is the wind and waves lapping against the hull… Oh, and of course some island music to make you feel right at home.

The best winds in Charleston develop as the day heats up and are called the “Sea Breeze”. Every afternoon between 1-2pm the winds pick up from the ocean, rush on shore cooling off the land and offer us an amazing wind to sail. Due to the direction of the “sea breeze” we will tack several times, crisscrossing the harbor. We will make our way to the ocean inlet where we will pass directly beside Fort Sumter and Sullivan’s Island. At this point, two hour day sails will turn around and head back along James Island and the Charleston Battery.

The 3-Hour Charter Experience

Choosing a longer charter will allow us time to venture beyond the jetties, heading into the ocean. With more time to relax on board, you are given the opportunity to get out into the open spaces and ocean swells of the Atlantic Ocean. Off our starboard beam you will get to see another icon, Morris Island Light House, which sits out in the ocean due to erosion and global warming water rise.

Each charter is different and customizable to your desires. Some charters enjoy a jaunt into the ocean, letting the boat gently roll with the swells. Others find the comfort of the harbor the perfect afternoon. Let us know what your desires are and we will see if weather conditions permit.

Sailing along Sullivan’s Island beach you’ll get to see some of the most expensive real estate along the coast as well as the grand old Fort Moultrie who blends into the landscape. A sharp eye will notice the Stars and Stripes flying above the grand old fort. Fort Sumter is much smaller than before it was bombarded on April 12, 1861. The water depths allow us to get really close to her for a great photo opt that can not be captured on a tour boat. Fort Sumter is the symbol of this nations greatest conflict known as the Civil War.

If you Booked A Sunset Charter

Charleston Charter Sailing back towards Charleston we head almost due West, which always makes for a fantastic sunset. We will sail close to Fort Johnson, the first fort to fire on Fort Sumter on that fateful morning in 1861. Fort Johnson is part of James Island, which today is a sprawling neighborhood with the main road taking you directly to Folly Beach. As we get closer to the Peninsula, the sun will be getting ready to dip below the horizon. If you are lucky enough to book a sunset charter, you will be blessed with a spectacular view at the end of the day. There is nothing quite like catching the last rays of sunshine falling behind one of Charleston’s Church Steeples or the elegant Ravenel Bridge.

No two days are the same on the harbor and there are times when the winds will ask us to sail up the Cooper River. Daniel Island splits the rivers of the Cooper and the Wando, both of which play an important role as Ocean Shipping Ports, a vital bloodline to our economy in Charleston.

The safety of our charter guests is always a priority and you are constantly in skilled and capable hands. Charters are only canceled in the event it appears to be a solid rain over the entire area. Most afternoon thunderstorms pass quickly, allowing you to still have a great time. The Harbor is large enough so that during these passing showers its sunny on one side and raining on the other. The boat is fully enclosed down below and a partially enclosed cockpit keeps you warm and dry even when its raining.

Booking a Charter in Charleston, S.C.

Give us a call or 843-973-0761 email [email protected] with any questions you may have. All of our charters can be customized to fit your expectations and desires. You can also click here make a reservation directly.

Looking forward to having you on board!

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