Marsh Harbour is a sleepy town as far as Americans are concerned.  For the out islands of Abaco, its their Big City and Concrete Jungle.  Really I could go into great detail on the life there.  Then again why take the time when I can just show you.

This is the place you must go if you need just about anything. and their 2 day shipping does not work here.  Beyond the very basic necessities that the out islands have, Marsh Harbour is the place you hope has what you need.  Standard Hardware is the Lowes/Home Depot of the area and carries all the lumber and tooling you would need.  If it is not here, your ordering if from the states.  And god knows how long that will take.  Just attempting to find a Metric “Nut” is impossible anywhere in the islands, but can be found here.  Its an essential part of the Abaco part of life, though its not one most people tend to spend a lot of time at.  The grocery store gets resupplied once a week on Thursday.  If you want your fresh veggies, Friday is the day to show up.

For me its a place to swing in, grab what you need and sail out the same day or the next.

Enjoy the video