Summer has passed and the winter is upon us all, no matter what the Latitude. This year has been filled with so many beautiful sunset charters and adventures its impossible to mention them all. Grateful to all of those that came out for a sail on board the beautiful Om.

Hope Town, Bahamas Sunset Sailing

Once again it was time to complete the circle of a sailors life. Its the time of year when all sailors dream of sailing south on their boats to warm weather, clear water, safe little harbors, and coral reefs. The lucky few of us that have made that into a lifestyle are all back where we should be, back in the Islands.

This year Om Sailing Charters LLC, Closed its doors (rather hatches) on our charter business in the beginning of November. We left the dock Friday the 13th at 6:00 am. Talk about a double whammy on superstitions! The crossing began as a motor sail on a gorgeous calm Atlantic Ocean after exiting Charleston Harbor. The sun popped up over the horizon as Om sailed past old #24 buoy.

By 22:30 the motors were off and were not turned back on for any reason until we reached the coast of Abaco where we entered the ManJack Channel. (sunday morning 8am) ¬†With a building 8-10 sea and 23 knots steady breeze it was getting a little bouncy ūüôā No worries Om was flying along at 9 knots taking it all like a true sea bird. Though I have to admit on the inside she was growing, popping and banging around!

In all the crossing took 53 hours which in sailing terms is damn quick.

Every year people ask “what do you do down there?” This year I tried to pay attention to that, and I still don’t know! There is one fact, I stay constantly busy doing something and have to take a day off all this hard work to chill out and read a book ha ha.

Its been a rainy year with lots of clouds and wind which has kept me off the reefs. With only 5 days out on the reef, there is hope for a LOT more in the future. Those 5 days were very productive though.


Fishing in the Bahamas


Fishing for Lobsters in Hopetown BahamasBahama Lobsters









Time has flown by in the blink of an eye.  Before I even realized it a month had passed. The time was shared with a great friend who did the crossing with me, and for Thanksgiving week a very dear loved one Lale flew in for an island holiday.   Its been a beautiful trip so far and looking forward to the next few months.  Here are a few pictures of the adventures and on the bottom is some drone footage that was taken in Hope Town.

Stay tuned, more updates and drone footage to come!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Great Guana Cay Bahamas

Lale jumping for Joy!

Om Sailboat her first day in the Bahamas

Om her first day in the Bahamas


Guana Cay Market & necklaces

Guana Cay