Om Sailing Charters is one of the best outdoor family adventures in Charleston. It brings together both kids and parents into a shared experience while avoiding the vacation pitfalls that generate family meltdowns. Jump on board for a refreshing, fun-filled Charleston sailing adventure for the whole family that will create rewarding and magical memories to last a lifetime!


Exploring Charleston Harbor’s Wildlife With Your Family

Both parents and kids can watch the waves for cresting dolphins and delight as pelicans dive through the water. You may even discover why some water birds have eye problems. Some families geek out and research all the facts, making a game out of discovering the Charleston Harbor wildlife. Others get creative and make treasure maps, outlining historic sites they pass during the sailing charter.

Yet, none of that is necessary to have one of the best outdoor family adventures in Charleston. You can simply enjoy a refreshing swim, dive off the bow (front) of the sailboat or gently ease in from the ladders in the stern (back). If swimming isn’t for you, then the whole family can relax on the hammocks complete with fresh ocean breezes, and on some days, the occasional light splash. If the sun gets too hot, parents can always bring their kids into the shade in the open cockpit or rest in the indoor salon.


Keeping Your Whole Family Comfortable While Chartering in Charleston

In addition to being a great Charleston sailing adventure for the whole family, chartering a sailboat keeps everyone comfortable while engaging all the city has to offer. Instead of fighting the city’s heat, traffic and exhausting walks, you and your family will be refreshed as you enjoy views of forts, the Battery and the bridge— all from a cooler location.

The temperatures on the water are often 5-10 degrees cooler than on shore. Plus, you have private access to a great galley (kitchen) to store your drinks, food and snacks, two clean and private bathrooms, many comfortable spots to relax, a bird’s eye view of Charleston and the adventure of sailing together as a family. Each of you will surely leave relaxed and refreshed.


Sailing Charleston as a Family

Rest assured, sailing is not only a fun Charleston outdoor family adventure but it’s also completely safe for you and your kids. The 43’ Leopard catamaran is extremely stable, comfortable, easily accessible and safe. Some parents want their children to wear life jackets while exploring the boat and swimming. (We call them “boat coats”, a more enticing term for young ones.) We provide sizes that fit both adults and children but not for infants. If your child already has a life jacket he or she finds comfortable, we suggest you bring it.

Lastly, we ask you to avoid bringing any spray-on sunscreen since it can make the deck slippery which may be the biggest safety hazard on board.

If you want one of the best fun-filled family adventures in Charleston, make a reservation for a private sailing charter. Not only will it bring you together as a family, it will create memories that last a lifetime.